Some 100 people turned up for Youth Sarawak’s first ever talk series, called “Youth Can Do It” (#YSTalk) aimed at inspiring the youth of Sarawak to do more good within their communities.

The event was supported by, and held at, ChinaHouse, at the Old Courthouse in Kuching with three prominent young speakers invited: Nazreen Mohammad, founder of Momentum KCH; Norman Goh, Social Media Editor at MalaysiaKini; and Syed Saddiq, an award winning youth leader, champion debater, and analyst.

The talk was moderated by Youth Sarawak’s co-founder, Hazwan Razak.

The three speakers shared their respective journeys in their quest to champion a cause they believed in.

Nazreen spoke about his goal to build and develop a vibrant arts and culture scene in his hometown of Kuching, and how he overcame the challenges in pursuit of that goal.

Norman, another Kuchingite, shared his personal history and involvement in social media and journalism, and of his taking risks early in his career and the need to believe in oneself.
Syed Saddiq regaled the audience about how debating changed his life, the importance of being well read, and to always fight for what is right.

Youth Sarawak’s Founder and President, Mark Jinmin, said that the large turnout was beyond their expectations, and thanked the lively attendees for spending their afternoon with the speakers.

He also thanked the supporters and volunteers who had worked on making the event a success, and added that Youth Sarawak will be organising more events like this, as well as their normal rural outreach events, including Projek Mini Library and Projek Kasut, in the coming months.

For more details about Youth Sarawak’s events and activities, they may be contacted via social media at or on twitter (@youthsarawak).


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