A review by Android Central today revealed that they were pretty impressed with the new flagship smartphone from Sony, the Xperia Z2.

According to the popular Android focused blog, the Xperia Z2 is one of the best Android based smartphones so fa, although it is not a revolutionary product for Sony.

Among the plus points (advantages) given by Android Central over the phone were:

  • Better build quality and is smaller and thinner compared to its predecessors
  • Amazing display performance
  • Superb sound system
  • Impressive camera software compared to its predecessors
  • Top notch battery life (beyond 15 hours on constant daily use) compared to Samsung S5, and HTC One M8

But the Xperia Z2 is not without its flaws, although it was noticed that the numbers of dissatisfaction about the smartphone was largely limited to ones preference. The three listed disadvantages below were derived from Android Central:

  • Bulky, blocky, and angular, hence making it difficult to use if you have small hands
  • No major changes in the camera hardware
  • Might be considered ‘old’ as Sony tends to release a new flagship model by year end

Well, those interested with the phone can already pre-order the phone at the Sony Store for RM2399.  The phone has also been officially introduced to the Malaysian market last Friday.


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