Xiaomi Product Launch: Tell me why should I get a Mi Band again?


Aside from the flagship Mi 4 smartphone announced by Xiaomi at their product launch just now, Xiaomi also launched the Mi Band, which is a wearable gadget.

The Mi Band helps to monitor your health by monitoring your fitness and sleep time.

Plenty of colours to choose from for the Mi Band.
Plenty of colours to choose from for the Mi Band.

To make it more exciting, Xiaomi also included an alarm to the Mi Band, made it water resistant, and ensured it stays 30-days on standby mode. To ensure it feels premium, Xiaomi put in an aluminium surface to the band, while also making it known you could unlock your phone using the band.

A breakthrough for Xiaomi as they say.

But for an ordinary person like me, I can’t find a need to own any of these multi-colour Mi Bands, except for the fact that it is priced really cheap, which is about RM49 only.

Think you might get one? Perhaps tell me why?


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