Barely months after the release of the Xiaomi Mi4i, rumours have surfaced that Xiaomi is preparing to release the Mi4s, which is sort of the younger brother of the Mi4.

It is our belief that the Mi4s would be used to release a powerful 5-inch screen LTE 4G flagship smartphone globally, especialy since Xiaomi is said to be considering a 5.5-in phablet for the Mi5 which is scheduled at year end.

Some of you might be wondering why Xiaomi might be releasing another smartphone after the Mi4i. Well, for most Xiaomi phone users, especially those using the Mi3, the Mi4i falls short of being a good reason to change to a new device as the specifications of the Mi3 and Mi4i do not differ much especially when one is looking at the camera, storage and RAM size.

Last year’s flagship smartphone from Xiaomi, the Mi4 on the other hand, was a good choice for an upgrade for many, but the Chinese maker somewhat forgot about the LTE 4G version used in countries other than China forcing the flagship to sail without LTE 4G outside of China, hence pushing away Mi3 owners seeking an upgrade.

That said, rumours of Mi4s which comes with a 3GB RAM, 5.0 – inch full HD capacitive touchscreen display, two dual SIM LTE 4G slots, a massive 3300 mAh removable Li–Ion battery, and a 20.1MP rear facing primary camera is something very much welcomed.

To make it more interesting, word has surfaced that the Mi4s would be using the Snapdragon 810 processor with the overheating issues plaguing the processor said to be already addressed by forumers at Xiaomi’s MIUI forum.

If the rumors are to be taken seriously, the Mi4s is expected to be released before August this year.

Source: WCC , S&P


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