Xiaomi had recently released the Mi Pad 3, an upgraded version of their well received Mi Pad 2 which was introduced with a lot of hype in 2015.

The new Mi Pad 3 comes with a larger 4GB RAM is powered with a MediaTek MT8176 with two 2.1GHz Cortex A72 cores and four 1.7GHz Cortex A53 cores processor, plus a battery that can last up to 867 hours on standby.

That, by any tablet standards, is awesome, but the huge question about this 4GB RAM powered tablet is whether their OS, the MIUI, would receive constant updates like its smartphone siblings, especially for international users. This was the single biggest problem with Mi Pads in the past as those buying it in the international markets were not kept updated, and remain stuck with their stock (or perhaps a very slow update) of the OS.

While tablets in general are experiencing a slow death in the mobile industry, this third Mi Pad’s seem perfect for those interested to still get an awesome tablet at a fraction of what most tablets cost nowadays, with online sites saying it will cost roughtly around US200 (RM850).

Nonetheless, with not much changes to the design, as well as the fact that the Mi Pad 3 at the moment is limited to the Chinese market only, one can just wonder if it will create such a buzz as compared to its predecessors.


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