Xiaomi has been rather quite of late, but it seems that there is good reason for that.

The Chinese tech giant has announced it will be releasing it’s latest flagship smartphone, the Mi 6 this coming 19 April, well, in the Beijing University Of Technology Gymnasium to be exact.

Rumours have been going strong that the Mi 6 will be powered by the Snadragon 835 processor, which will be served with a 4GB RAM speed.

Since there is no secret that Xiaomi is greatly influenced by Apple, the rumours also suggest that the Mi 6 would have a bigger brother, featuring a 5.7-inch screen, as opposed to the Mi 6 which will only feature a 5.1-inch screen.

To find out if the rumours are true, or any bit accurate, mark your calendars for 19 April to find out.


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