mi4The buzz about the Xiaomi Mi 3 is far from over in Malaysia, but it seems that its successor will be coming soon as Xiaomi has teased that they will “tell the story about “The journey of a piece of steel metal”” at their annual product launch event.

According to Amanz, there is a likelihood that Xiaomi will introduce the Mi 4 at the event as they continue to state that there has been leaks online revealing that the new Mi 4 will have a 5-inch screen and a 13-megapixel rear camera similar to its predecessor, with LTE an added offering.

Popular forum site Lowyat.net has also taken the news with much hope that the buzz over the Xiaomi annual product launch will see the Mi 4 coming in metal casing, which is a definite upgrade from the current Mi 3 which looks like metal, but isn’t.

The product launch would be in Beijing, China, and the millions of Xiaomi fans would definitely be eager to find out what Xiaomi has to offer for next year.

Regardless of opinions, we believe that what ever Xiaomi does introduce at its annual product launch, it would be an exciting one since their pricing has been much welcoming so far.

If it’s truly the Mi 4, and you just purchased the Mi 3, will you feel it was a lost since you rushed to get the Mi 3? Let us know through your comments below.


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