The flagship smartphone by Xiaomi, the Mi 4 has finally arrived in Malaysia, and it is priced at RM1,199 with a one year warranty which is covered by Xiaomi Malaysia.

Previously, Xiaomi confirmed that they will not bring in the Mi 4 to Malaysia as its LTE version is not compatible with most Malaysian telcos.

Maxis 4 price
The latest announcement by Xiaomi however might cause some of you to think that the Mi 4 has finally been improved to be ‘Malaysian LTE friendly’, but that is not the case. Instead, those using the Mi 4 might not get to enjoy the full potential of the Mi 4 as one needs to depend on the functional 3G connection which is usable in this country.

In fact Xiaomi will not be officially selling the Mi 4 on their online store, but rather push the smartphone to their local authorized distributor Mont Asia.
Mi 4 Mont Asia
Mont Asia has been very excited to bring in the Mi 4 and has posted numerous updates on the launch of the Mi 4 on their official Facebook page.

Since the Mi 4’s arrival is very close to Xiaomi’s first ever global phone, the Mi 4i, it would be interesting to see which one would be preferred more, especially since the Mi 4i is Malaysia LTE ready, and is expected to not exceed RM800.


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