Xiaomi Mi 3 left the shelves of Xiaomi’s Malaysian online store with a record time of 15 minutes this time, and everyone (except those failing to buy it) are jumping happy.

Business has never been better in Malaysia for the Chinese tech giant which has created a wave of excitement never seen before by Malaysian smartphone users.

Well, perhaps you have seen it before, but Xiaomi did better their record of 17 minutes to 15 minutes just within a month! Our memory recalls that such thing has not been possible by any Chinese tech company.

But now, it is getting interesting because DiGi is the first telco to offer the Mi 3 with their packages, and they are giving it up for FREE if you sign up for their most expensive Smart Plan 148, which most of us wouldn’t because it’s a 24-month contract with a minimum of RM148 monthly.

But then again, a very quick check at DiGi’s site showed that the Mi 3 RRP (Recommended Retail Price) is RM889, which is…. the same as what Xiaomi is offering on their limited ‘batch-by-batch’ release.

This fact is interesting not because DiGi’s retail price is similar to the one sold by Xiaomi, but rather because everyone is rushing to buy the smartphone (said to have better specifications that the Samsung S5) at a ‘promotional’ price.
Xiaomi Mi 3 Digi price
But there’s more!

Our checks on Xiaomi’s website shows that there was no real indication of how much the Mi3 phone should be sold in Malaysia, making us believe that perhaps the Mi 3 is actually priced at only RM889.

If that is the case, is the mad rush, and the curses made by some on Xiaomi’s website for their inability to get the phone really worth it?


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