If you are using the Xiaomi Mi 3, you will know that there’s a notification prompting you to upgrade your android MiUI version to the latest.

Well, the big question, as for many of other Xiaomi software upgrades, would be if you should upgrade your now stable Mi 3 android to something new.

The good news is that the new upgrade, numbered as V6.3.9.0 gives you a very different interface, better battery performances, while faster swipes and experience.

However, the bad news is that you will need to be accustomed to the new, shall I say very different interface, and also some teething bugs.

Reports in the Mi 3 user group of Malaysia have revealed that there are instances where certain apps would crash suddenly, while there are also reports of drop calls increasing.

As for now, there is no indication if these bugs have been fixed, but as one of those using the Mi 3, I shall not update my phone just yet. Not until a more stable version is released.