While Malaysia is still not getting the Xiaomi Mi4 smartphone anytime soon, it has been announced that Xiaomi, together with Microsoft would be in partnership to bring Microsoft Windows 10 to the flagship phone of Xiaomi.

During the WinHEC event today, Windows announced that the Windows Phone 10.0 for Xiaomi Mi4 in which the new operating system would be soon perfected for downloads on the Xiaomi Community.

The move would see users of Mi4 being invited to test out the Technical Preview version of the ROM.

But before you Mi4 owners look for the link in the ever popular MiUI forums, please do note that only a select group of Xiaomi Mi 4 power users will be invited to help test Windows 10. The rest of you would have to wait until year end to give it a ride.

For those not using Mi4, stay on with your Android, and keep your fingers crossed because that might be the next big thing shall the initial test show great results.

Source: Xiaomi