Downloaded your Windows 10 yet? Well we have, and we love it simply because it combines the best of whatever Windows OS you have used before.

The whole experience using Windows 10 was phenomenal as buttons respond quickly, and task were made efficiently. On top of that, loading speed was fast and the OS seems to be blazing when used. We love the notification section on the right of the screen amd the new start button

Aside from that, Windows Defender, the antivirus made by Microsoft also gains more prominence in this operating system, hence ensuring that you do not have to install third party antivirus which sometimes slows down your machine.
Anyway, the things we love less include the difficulty to change the default internet browsing software from the fast loading Microsoft Edge to a third party browser such as Google Chrome, plus the control panel seems quite confusing although we bet this would need time to get familiar with.

We are still testing out the OS, but looks like its a winner from Microsoft this time around!

If you are still waiting to upgrade your operating system to Windows 10, you can do so much faster by downloading it here.