Microsoft has announced that it will be releasing the much awaited Windows 10 this coming July 29th. The much hyped operating system, said to be a huge leap from what Windows have offered in previous years brings a lot of excitement to many especially those who think Windows 8.1 would be great if it had some elements of Windows 7 and XP included into its function.

Here, in brief details, I share why I am personally excited about the coming Windows 10:

#1 The formal return of the start menu
Windows 10 start menu
Windows 8 did away with the start menu, and many people missed it dearly, hence ‘forcing’ Microsoft to re-introduce the start menu in the Windows 8 update, the Windows 8.1. Windows 10 would see the start menu re-introduced, but with nice tweaks which is said to help you optimize use of your operating system.

#2 Goodbye Internet Explorer, Hello Microsoft Edge
Windows 10 Microsoft Edge
It’s no secret Microsoft has been keen to discontinue its famed Internet Explorer (IE) due to its poor reputation among internet users. With the demise of IE, Microsoft decided to introduce Microsoft Edge, a new internet browser which has built-in commenting capabilities and is considered fast, streamlined and personal to ensure you are easily actively engage with the web.

#3 Universal Apps for all devices
Windows 10 Apps
Aside from Windows 10 being truly multi-platform, all apps made for Windows 10 would also be made to cater for any device you use, and this includes your smartphone, your personal computer and even your tablet. For me, this rocks, because most of the time, having the same named apps, having different ways to use on different platforms/devices is just tad confusing and at times difficult to use. I am now hoping my all time favourite game Football Manager would also be part of this joy.

#4 The Recycle Bin can be moved from your desktop
Windows 10 Recycle Bin
I know, this is not a big thing, but I am talking about what makes Windows 10 special – and hey, the ability to pin the recycle bin to the start menu is like something I’ve been wanting since ever! That said, in Windows 10, this would be a reality, so I can make my home screen look a bit more nicer by keeping the recycle bin away from view.

#5 No more typing at the Command prompt
Windows 10 command prompt
This isn’t ground breaking, nor is it a popular thing among novice computer users, but having the ability to copy and paste long commands to the command prompt makes removing viruses, doing trouble-shootings and (of course) cracking a PC game way easier!

Well, the five above is the few that I liked about the new Microsoft Windows 10, but I bet there’s so many more like the introduction of Cortana which Microsoft claims to be the world’s first truly personal digital assistant that would be awesome.

However, I am less excited about features like this because it is not only not new, but I must admit, like Google Now and Siri, I will not see much use of the assistant personally.

For those on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, you will soon be able to upgrade your Windows OS to Windows 10 for free, and the offer is valid for a year.