The Windows Phone 8.1 has arrived and Microsoft has promised it will be better than its predecessor the Windows Phone 8.

By checking out a few websites, we compile what you can expect from this upgraded version of the popular mobile operating system.

First and foremost, Microsoft has introduce Cortana, which is said to be similar to Google Now and Siri. The aim of Cortana is to provide you with a so called ‘personal assistant’ when using the phone.

However, as perfect as Cortana seems to be, the offering is not for the Malaysian market just yet with the US and several selected markets only able to enjoy this service.

An improved personalisation feature is also added to the Windows Phone 8.1, allowing you to make your phone look the way you want by changing the start background, or the sizes of your tiles.
From what we saw, you could make make the tiles form an image, which we thought looked really cool!

Also added to the Windows Phone 8.1 is a ‘Word Flow Keyboard‘ which is said to be faster and better than it’s predecessor.
Word Flow Keyboard
According to Microsoft, you have the ability to glide your fingers when typing a word, instead of the conventional style of typing them. This is similar to the Swipe function introduced by Samsung in their phones.

The Action center is also a welcomed addition to the new OS because it allows you to do essential things at one screen.
The centre is said to have shortcuts which allow you to switch on your wifi, get notification and go to airplane mode with ease, mimicing what Android already offers its users, only better.

A few additional senses known as wifi Sense and storage sense also comes with the new Windows Phone 8.1. These senses aim to make life much simpler for you as they automatically allow you to sign up for wifi, and sync your cloud storage to your phone.

These functions would benefit those whom want to save on purchasing a new memory card, or perhaps save more on their internet data.

While we must admit that most of the functions introduced in the new Windows Phone 8.1 are not new to the smartphone market, since they are already available and a standard thing in Android, we do laud the fact that Microsoft is trying their hardest to gain back their footing in the business.

We did try the Windows 8 platform way back when it was still at its infancy, and we had great things to say about it.

The improved Windows Phone 8.1 should be nothing short of exceptional, and we do hope to be able to give it a try in the near future.