WeChat has announced its latest update on WeChat Desktop comes with international English language support, innovative handy features and functions that are previously only available from its mobile application.

The update gives WeChatters the best of both worlds, bringing the convenience of its mobile friendly features and integrating them into a desktop version.

With WeChat Desktop, users can expect a much improved productivity by staying connected where ever their lifestyle takes them – from the comfort of your own home, workplace and even their favourite coffee shops. The new additions are as seen below:

  • Copying and sharing work-related files are as simple as dragging and dropping files over for users to download swiftly.
  • WeChatters can also capture graphics, charts and icons effortlessly through a special screenshot tools that are available within this update.
  • As the desktop version functions as an extension with its mobile version, each files and messages are sync and can be easily accessed across each other.
  • Summoning other users to respond in a group chat can be made possible by tagging the individual which in turn, will receive a separate notification.
  • Say no more to accidental messages or typos as it can be easily avoided with the Message Recall function that removes the message within the first two minutes.

Our favourite feature is none other than the Message Recall as we see it can be used for more than just decreasing typos.