webe, the rebranded P1 Wimax, now owned by Telekom Malaysia (TM) has started asking selected members of the public to join its services.

For starters, webe has sent out invitations to selected TM and webe customers in the Klang Valley and Johor Bahru.

The new telco is however offering a plan which is quite different and, should I say complicated, if compared to their competition.

Costing RM199/month, the postpaid plan comes with unlimited data, calls ans SMS with a slight twist.  The ‘twist’ is that you get lower rates if you are an existing TM customer, and you own a webe certified smartphone.  If you have both, you stand to save RM120, putting your monthly subscription to RM79/month, which in fact is really cheap.
On top of that, multiple SIM (additional lines) would see you reduce your monthly commitment, hence making you go as low as RM49/month! For such rates, you don’t get tied up to any contracts too.

The downside however is that you can’t share your internet (tither) as webe is charging for this.

The way I see it, webe’s parent company, TM, is trying to leverage on their huge home customer usage to gain ground, hence the massive discounts for TM users.

Nonetheless, with RM49/mnonth on the cards, does webe sound like a plan for you?


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