The usage of two Whatsapp accounts/numbers on one phone is practically illegal because of security concerns.  Nonetheless, it is possible with third party apps, made available outside of the Google Store.

It is a known fact that some hackers and irresponsible people however do try to re-package ‘safe’ WhatsApp apks (installation files) with malware, viruses and trojans, but with dual-SIM smartphones gaining popularity nowadays, many could not be bothered.

While many will tell you there are several apps and methods to use two WhatsApp numbers on your phone, I will just tell you one, and I will provide the link below.

The app name is GBWhatsApp, and I have been using it fine for quite sometime.  It has worked well so far.

Installation is easy.  Just follow the steps below:
1 – Download the apk (file) here
2 – Open and install the file. Your Android phone will attempt to block your installation, but just proceed after the wait timer ends.
Block installation
3 – Login the app, and and do the number verification as usual. You may need to disable the WhatsApp number you are not activating.
4 – Once verification is complete, enjoy your second number on WhatsApp! – The first WhatsApp number is installed using the normal WhatsApp obtained from the Google PlayStore.

You might get a notification in Arab everytime you login your GBWhatsapp, but its entirely fine although it might be a bit annoying. What’s important is that you can use two WhatsApp numbers on one smartphone.

Happy trying!



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