No one likes to have the same tee, so what Uniqlo did was create an app on the Google Play Store and the Apple AppStore which enables you to create your own custom tshirt. The app name is UTme!.

Aside from designing your personal tee, Uniqlo added some artistic effects such as glitch, splash and Mosaic to make your design funkier and cool.

The tees you have designed could be later shared with a friend, or saved as a file for your own use, but if you are in Japan, you can get it printed on an actual tee through Uniqlo themselves.

The bad news is that those of us in Sarawak, or Malaysia in general will need to go to our local tshirt printing store to get our design out on an actual tee for now, which makes this app useless for those already having photoshop skills.

Nonetheless, if you are interested with the app, download it here for Android devices, and here for Apple devices.