The KYAN!ME Convention 2012 concluded in spectacular style at Hills Shopping Mall Kuching today with cheers of joy filling the venue. The massive event saw plenty of activities at the venue with Japanese culture well alive in all the events.

Several guest also flew in from Brunei, Sabah, Miri, Sibu, Bintulu and Singapore to attend this one of a kind convention in Kuching.

In her brief speech, organizing chairman of the event Ms Kimberley Lee thanked all sponsors and partners including Sarawak Bloggers for supporting the event.

She then continued to hand out prizes to numerous winners of competitions held during the whole convention. The biggest surprise came when the DOTA2 results were announced with popular team GizmoGamers M3’s defeated to team LZ.

Another bigger surprise came when Singaporeans Kitska and Tessie awarded the winners of the Cosplay competitions a kiss hence signalling the end of the Kyan!me Convention 2012.

The whole event concluded with ACG songs performed specially for the convention. Winner list for competitions during the KYAN!ME Convention competitions are listed below:

  1. Wonko Soba – Yeo Yii Chi
  2. Kids Coloring Contest (below 8 years) – Tan Law Tze Hon
  3. Kid Coloring Contest (Above 9 years) – Clement Go
  4. Mangaka -Armand Dzul Harapan
  5. Anime Dai Fan – Billy Chin
  6. Voice over – Syazwan Saddiq and Mohd Nur Mu
  7. Kyanime race contest – Dayang Na’imah Salimah and Muhammad Luqman
  8. Yu-Gi-Oh contest -Eden Chong
  9. Cardfight contest – Alex Cha
  10. Touhou 13 Ten Desire Challenge – Izzat Danial
  11. Touhou 12.3 Hisoutensoku – Dylan
  12. DOTA tournament – Team Gshot Shadow
  13. DOTA2 tournament LZ
  14. Call of Duty 4 tournament – Team Syn
  15. Junior Cosplay -Joanne Lim
  16. Solo Cosplay Jasper We
  17. Skit Cosplay – Jasper Wee and Tan Shi Yan

First photo showing Cosplay participants at the KYAN!ME Convention 2012.

Second photo above shows Kitska and Tessie giving Solo Cosplay winner Jasper Wee a kiss on the cheek during the award presentation ceremony.

Sarawak Bloggers is the official online media for KYAN!ME CONVENTION 2012.


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