Upcoming telco Umobile has decided to offer its valued customer free roaming across several countries in Asia, which is really cool considering most other telcos would require you to pay for such service.

According to tech blogger Liew CF, the service is however limited to seven countries namely Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan.

But before you jump on the U Mobile bandwagon just because you are travelling abroad, please note that the free internet roaming is only for their postpaid customers, and is limited to 50MB per day.

50MB is not good enough if you are constantly checking your instragram and facebook feed, but it will do for a few brief conversation over whatsapp and twitter.

After the 50MB is up, one can expect to be charged up to RM30 per day for unlimited internet roaming, so be sure to set an alarm for the 50MB limit if you only plan to utilize the service.

According to Umobile’s website, users do not need to activate the service and will be prompted if they reach a certain roaming country as seen below.
For more information, please visit the Umobile website.


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