We received a statement from UltraCrocs regarding their on-going effort of their fan club to help the Sarawak Football Association (FAS) pay the fine RM35,500 imposed on them by Football Association Malaysia (FAM). The effort is called “Bukan Kerana Denda, Tapi Kerana Sayang,“, which in English translates to “Not because of the fine, but because of the love”.

According to the statement, the effort will run immediately from today until 30th April 2012, in which UltraCrocs plans to submit whatever amount they have collected to the association.

The statement also said that the money has to be banked into a personal account owned by one of their funding fathers Mr Zulhardy Mohamad in which all contributors are required to email Zulhardy at zulhardy@gmail.com.

The email is to enable Ultracrocs to track the amount contributed, and to sum up the total amount which can be handed to FAS.

When approached Zulhardy said that the amount contributed by any Sarawak fan is not important. It can be as low as 10 cents, or maybe more.

What’s most important is that they are trying to help FAS sincerely and hope that FAS can further transform Sarawak’s football into its glory days.

UltraCrocs is a fan club whom has been behind the Sarawak football scenes since 2005. The fan club is less active nowadays in light of the emergence of new more active fan clubs.

However, UltraCrocs continues to give live updates on Sarawak matches, and shares numerous inside news about Sarawak football to the masses in their effort to bring Sarawak football back to its glorious days.

For more information on this effort, please contact Zulhardy at his email above, or going to UltraCrocs Facebook page.