Organizers of Sarawak’s biggest non-political social media event Sarawak Bloggers has just announced the date and proposed venue for #TwtUpKCH.

In a brief Facebook statement, the Sarawak Bloggers announced that this year’s #TwtUpKCH will be held on 8 December 2012 at the Sarawak Tourism Complex / Old Court House, Kuching.

Co-organizing chairman and also founder of Sarawak Bloggers Cyril Dason (@cyrildason) tweeted that the venue is only proposed for now, but the date is confirmed. He added that there are also other venues under consideration and that they can shift the venue shall needed.

Another co-organizing chairman of the event Fazli Taufek (@Fazlitaufek) also supported his (Cyril’s) tweet by saying that the organizers of #TwtUpKCH 2012 have verbally talked to the management of the Sarawak Tourism Complex, and that they are confident of securing the venue.

#TwtUpKCH 2012 is a continuity of #TwtUpKCH 2011. The event gained widespread coverage last year and was voted the top five social media events in the just concluded DiGi WWWOW Awards.

Above is the Sarawak Tourism Complex as taken by