Barely days after it was reported that the iPhone X screens freeze at zero degrees, two new issues have been reported with the highly priced smartphone.

GSM Arena reports that some new iPhone X’s have developed a thin green line on the screen, something you’d unlikely want to see when you just unboxed an almost RM6,000 device.

Green lines on iPhone X smartphones. Photo: GSM Arena
Green lines on iPhone X smartphones. Photo: GSM Arena

According to the portal, users were able to get new iPhones as replacement, so if you have such issue when booting your phone, do not waste any time to claim an exchange, granted that the iPhone X would only be available in Malaysia on November 24th.

Aside from the green line issue, some iPhone X’s have also developed a cracking and buzzing sound through the earpiece speaker at high volumes. According to GSM Arena, the sound appears in calls, during video playback or when listening to music, making it quite a major issue.

Previously, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus had similar issue, but an update to iOS 11 patched things up.

Anyway, I would be highly turned off to get the iPhone X with quite a few problems already teething up, and would perhaps prefer to but the iPhone 8 for only RM3,299 at Lazada instead.

This is despite the fact that the iPhone X passing the drop test with flying colours.