MIRI: Some Mirians woke up with good news today as treated water supply has been reconnected to their homes. Permyjaya, Senadin and Tudan was reported to be among the first few areas receiving treated water.

Social media sites which are related to Miri confirmed that many areas affected by the recent water supply shortage yesterday have since been able to access water, despite pressure remaining low and the water being a little coloured.

However, social media users have cited that the water still smells of diesel, and some said they do are not willing to drink the water just yet, fearing that it may still be contaminated with fuel.

Miri was hit by probably the worst water crisis yesterday after oil meant for road resurfacing leaked into Liku River, which is the main source of raw water for Lambir Water Treatment Plant. The Works Department (JKR), Shell and Petronas was reported to have taken swift action to curb further damage despite the fact that the leak wasn’t caused by either company.