The first-ever Traditional Games Family Picnic kicked off to great fanfare at the Amphitheatre with people of all walks of life enjoying traditional games in the open space Kuching Amphitheatre.

There was indeed a wonderful sense of participation among those that attended as some 400 visitors who turned up to participate in the various games organised by Yayasan Perpaduan Sarawak, Sarawak Cultural Village, Sarawak Development Institute and Kuching North City Commission (DBKU). The games include batak lampong, tating lawi, sumpit and coconut bowling.

Aside from the games, families were seen laying out their picnic mats as performances took place on the Amphitheatre’s main stage.

A special presentation by students of SMK Kota Samarahan entertained audiences with a jump rope performance, where by members of SMK Kuching High’s Chinese Yoyo Club thrilled the crowd with an acrobatic Chinese pull-bell handling display.

The Bidayuh bamboo stilt walking performance and dance by villagers from Kampung Entubuh, Serian was an eye catcher as those coming were wowed by the huge skills presented, aside from the uniquely dressed dancers.

For some images on what was happening at the Traditional Games Family Picnic, check out this link (our FB page).

-Photo above show a traditional Melanau game known as Tating Lawi.