Tourists can join in this year’s Sarawak Regatta along Sungai Sarawak as this 150-year-old event has included new categories to allow them to participate.

According to a report by a local paper, tourist can participate by paying minimal fees and race in either Perahu Kenyalang or Perahu Tambang categories.

The Perahu Kenyalang will have 20 persons per boat comprising 15 tourists, four locals and one flag bearer while the Perahu Tambang category will have seven paddlers comprising six tourists and one local. Respective categories will be competing for Minister of Tourism Sarawak Challenge Trophy and the Minister of Tourism Malaysia Challenge Trophy respectively.

The Sarawak Regatta will be held from Sept 14 to 16, offering increased prize money from RM166,000 last year to RM180,000 and longer route from 1.8km previously to 2km.

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