Toshiba TV announced its return to the Malaysia market this week with the brand bringing their Ultra and Full HD se4ries to the market.

The two series are the C350 series (Ultra HD 4K TV) and V35 series (Full HD TV).

According to Toshiba TV Malaysia, both models are designed in Japan, and provide the minimalistic design based on the philosophy of “Essential Beauty.”

Highlights of the C350 series

The C350 series is the TV with an Ultra HD 4K screen and it is built on the Android TV platform.

There’s five different sizes for this model, namely 75”, 65”, 55”, 50” and 43”.

The Toshiba C350 series is powered by REGZA Engine 4K, a high-performance 4K engine for stunning picture quality. It combines both Ultra Essential PQ Technology and Brilliant Pure Colour LCD Panel that enables users to get an incredible Ultra HD 4K experience with breath-taking picture quality.

HDR capable display and REGZA Engine 4K’s HDR restoration technology provide the ultimate HDR experience with precisely optimized colour, brilliance, and shades for any content.

The built-in Colour Re-master technology is there to restore the original colour of images as natural and colourful as it should be. Therefore, users can be assured to enjoy their best viewing experience on the screen with C350 series.

On top of that, its DTS Virtual X capability, allows users to enjoy more with an immersive audio experience as the technology delivers virtual height, multi-channel virtual surround sound with the addition of bass and dialogue enhancement.

This audio is combined with Dolby Audio which delivers authentic listening experiences without compromise when watching through C350.

Highlights of the V35

The V35 series on the other hand comes in only two sizes namely the 32″ and 43″. It is also built with Android TV platform.

Unlike the C350 series however, the V35 comes with REGZA Engine High Grade that provides great picture quality for an enjoyable viewing experience as it optimises picture quality beyond Full HD capability.

It enables users to enjoy fantastic viewing experiences regardless of what content they are watching. Built with its Essential PQ Technology, it improves picture quality in detail by letting users get a true-to-life picture on the screen.

The 43” model of V35 TV supports Full HD (1080P) where it can deliver sharp images with well-defined details that boost twice the clarity of HD TV. By carefully analysing incoming contents, the TV works to reduce noise and minimize image distortion, which results in a crisp and vivid, high quality viewing experience.

Consumers are also able to feel colourful moments with Toshiba 32” model of V35 series as its HD Ready (720P) will analyse signals to reduce noise and distortion, offering vivid and crisp picture quality. Meanwhile, its Picture Optimiser will adjust pixels accurately with optimised shadows, brightness, and colours of the image frame by frame.

This 43″ variant of this model comes equipped with DTS Studio Sound technology which means one would be able to enjoy virtualized surround audio experience with dialogue and bass enhancement.

Price and availability of Toshiba TV in Malaysia

Both Toshiba TV series re readily available in Malaysia.  The retail prices of both models are as seen below:

The C350 series:

  • 75” RRP at RM6,599
  • 65” RRP at RM3,899
  • 55” RRP at RM2,899
  • 50” RRP at RM2,499
  • 43” RRP at RM1,899

The V35 series:

  • 43” RRP at RM1,699
  • 32” RRP at RM1,199

You can buy both the TV series in Toshiba’s official Shopee and Lazada stores.



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