Businesses, SMEs and even bloggers normally need more storage space for their website so here’s a good list of the best 6 hosting offerings which are priced below RM500 for comparison.

1) CYNET’s Professional
Webhosting 6
Cynet’s strong point is their massive discounts and the ability for one to customized their webhosting packages. Here however I am highlighting the Professional webhosting package which cost RM350/year. The package comes with unlimited emails, unlimited databases and 50 parked domain spots. Storage space and bandwidth offered is limited with Cynet offering only 30GB and 300GB respectively. Cynet’s Professional package actually offers the limit of what the company can offer in their customized webhosting plans so there is no way you can get better offers under them. The good thing is that you can get a massive discount for staying longer with them as they are only asking for RM700 if you sign up for three years for the Professional plan.
Advantages: Cheap if you are looking at long term hosting. Additional 10% discount for signups using. Customer service is reliable this link.
Disadvantages: All plans have a cap. Limited options available despite being able to customize your plan.

2) DataKL’s Data3
Webhosting 4
DataKL’s Data 3 could be the most limited webhosting service offered here for a business individual. Priced at RM360, the webhosting services offered are capped at 30GB for storage, and 150GB bandwidth. The number of domains you can host are also limited to only 16, and there is no mention of a free domain if compared to the rest of the hosting services offered here.
Advantages: Price is slightly cheaper compared to the rest
Disadvantage: There are limitations to what they offer

3) JomHosting’s Bisness 300GB
Webhosting 3
JomHosting’s Bisness 300GB gives you unlimited domain hosting, unlimited databases, unlimited emails and unlimited data transfer with an addition of RM100 coupon for website design. The only limitation they have put up is the storage space which is still a whopping 300GB. Priced at RM450, it isn’t exactly the signature ‘cheap’ price usually offered by JomHosting.
Advantages: Cap on storage space,free domain provided and a free RM100 website design coupon.
Disadvantage: The cap on storage and the RM450 pricetag.

4) Exabyte’s EBiz Gold Unlimited
Webhosting 2
Exabytes is a famed webhosting service provider in Malaysia and they are reliable enough and have won awards due to that. One of their best packages available is the EBiz Gold Unlimited package which is only priced at RM449 annually. The price may seem steeper than the rest but they offer unlimited space, unlimited domain hosting, unlimited databases, unlimited emails and unlimited data transfer. This works well for those wanting to not worry about space or interruptions on their.
Advantages: They offer the most unlimited ‘services’ at one flat rate with a free domain thrown in. Award winning hosting service.
Disadvantage: A bit pricey, but still reasonable considering what is offered.

5) Serverfreak’s Professional
Webhosting 5
For RM499/year, Serverfreak is offering you their Professional hosting service with 50GB Ultra Fast RAID10 Powered Storage, 150GB Monthly Data Transfer, 20 Domains addons and a free domain for lifetime. Other standard packages other hosting companies are also offered, but the limitations for this package do bug us quite a bit. Nonetheless, if you are willing to spend RM699, you could check out their Ultimate package which offers more space and bandwidth of course.
Advantages: Free domain
Disadvantages: Rather pricey and all packages have a cap

6) Internet Webhosting’s Supreme Plan
Webhosting 1
Internet Webhosting supreme business plan is quite appealing. They offer 100GB worth of disk space with unlimited Domain add-ons at only RM300. To make their deal sweeter, they offer 200GB worth of bandwidth which is actually really a lot! The other typical stuff you need to create a good website are also ready and available with the package.
Advantages: Price is competitive and considered cheap compared to the rest. It also gives you a free domain.
Disadvantages: There is a cap on the bandwidth and storage space although it is very generous.

Personally, I have already tried out Exabytes, Cynet and DataKL and I can say they I was very satisfied with their services. DataKL replied my queries almost instantly and Cynet was very kind to help out when required for free. I have only recently migrated to Exabytes, and they were also exceptional.

A new hosting service known as Internet Webhosting however does give all these hosting service a run for their money as they offer a good bargain for such massive service.


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