Top games for Blackberry


It may have something of a reputation as a business phone – and we won’t deny it’s an excellent tool for business – but BlackBerry phones have a fun side, too. While the App Store and Google Play Store may each have a higher volume of apps than BlackBerry World, the signal-to-noise ratio is notably better for BlackBerry – if you don’t feel like wading through thousands of lackluster clones and half-baked ideas, BlackBerry World is the place to be. Let’s take a look at a selection of fun and visually impressive games for BlackBerry 10 to brighten up your day.

World of Goo, though it may sound a little unappetizing, is a fun and inventive physics-based building game based around the travels and discoveries of a race of living black balls of goo. Bright, fantastic, cartoony landscapes and fast-paced, gravity-defying puzzles are the name of the game here. Backing it all up is an unexpectedly involving and epic story line explained by the mysterious Sign Painter, taking the race of adorable squeaking Goo Balls across deserts and industrial landscapes, and even into space. Never expected to play a game where you felt sympathy for your building materials? Then get ready for World of Goo.

Next up is The Bard’s Tale (image above). A loving parody of sword-and-sorcery silliness, it’s a 3D role-playing game starring The Princess Bride hero Cary Elwes and veteran voice actor Tony Jay. It’s a big game – around 30 hours long, with huge maps, loads of NPCs and more than 150 usable items. The BlackBerry 10 version also thankfully includes Autosave, so you’re safe from losing your progress if your battery gives out after a marathon session (and you will end up having marathon sessions with this game). The one danger with this game is getting the song-and-dance numbers (yes, you read that right) stuck in your head.

Eufloria is – well, it’s a hard one to pin down. It’s a real-time strategy game, but at first inspection looks more like some kind of guided meditation app. The gorgeous world of glowing lights and sprouting seeds, combined with Milieu’s ambient soundtrack, make for a uniquely serene gaming experience. There’s a variety of different ways to play: Relaxed mode is best for the casual gamer or those wanting to indulge in the sheer sensory experience of Eufloria; Skirmish mode can be played over and over, with the game able to generate new levels procedurally, so you’ll never have to play the same level twice if you don’t want to; and lastly, Dark Matter Mode brings a high-contrast visual style and satisfyingly complex, challenging gameplay. Somehow, Eufloria has managed to be a game for everyone, but unlike any other.

Lastly, for a bit more slam-bang gaming, there’s the explosive Radiant Defense. As the name suggests, it’s a tower defence game, with high-impact visuals – beautiful particle effects, fire and glowing things flying everywhere you look! With 300 waves of enemies over ten missions, it’ll keep you occupied and enthralled for a good while. Also, it’s free, with no ads whatsoever – game makers Hexage are supported by in-game purchases, expanding the game with ludicrously cool upgradeable weapons, and three breathtaking superweapons for when your enemies think they’ve got you backed into a corner!

With BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry has transformed from business phone par excellence to an all-round giant killer for both sides of the work / life balance. Your inbox can wait a little bit longer – get playing!