TMgo is the latest offerings by TM, and I got myself a starter pack from a local retailer last week to get it tested, and well, because I needed the service myself.  The new 4G broadband service was officially launched in Samarahan last weekend.

Initially, I drove all the way to TM Point Batu Lintang, but was told that they had sold out the 4G modems for TMgo, and that I had to wait. The customer service person at TM Batu Lintang also claimed that I could not use the TMgo simcard with other MiFi/WiFi dongles due to technical reason.  As a person who knows a thing or two about technology, I found this hard to believe, but I figured TM had ‘locked’ their simcards for TMgo.

My next action was to contact a person I know, whom was the re-seller of TM in Matang Jaya. I asked him to get the modem for me, and soon he assured me that he would be getting it next week when the stock arrived in Kuching.

On one fine day, I got a call from this re-seller telling me that he has obtained the TMgo MiFi I wanted. Happy, I went to is shop to pick it up and I was surprised to see the MiFi dongle provided to be white in colour with the name ZTE clearly depicted on the modem as you see below.

TMgo, ZTE modem 2
A different MiFi packaged I received for TMgo

According to this TM re-seller, the price of the dongle was now higher as they have been instructed by TM to sell the dongle with TMgo at RM350, instead of the RM315 stated before. He added that this was a new model and when I inquired further, he claimed that only TM Points could sell the one as advertised with re-sellers getting the new MiFi dongle. It was fruther understood that the black one, offered only by TM Point, was made by D-Link. The rest of the package, including the free 2GB remains the same as you can see below.

Two choices of packages currently.
Two choices of packages currently.

I honesty felt ‘a little cheated’, but since he decided to charge me a little less than the recommended RM350, and plus the fact I needed the MiFi dongle, I went ahead to buy it. Also, I think it is worth to note that the ZTE MiFi dongle price outside was priced at RM339, which was not so far from the price he offered me.

As you know, TMgo is new in Malaysia (not exclusive to Sarawak), and the coverage area is limited (click here to see where TMgo is covered) to a few places for now. However, knowing TM, you can expect the coverage of TMgo to expand further in the coming future as the product gets popular. (For now, we rate the coverage as poor since its very limited)

TMgo coverage in Matang Jaya/Gita area
TMgo coverage in Matang Jaya/Gita area

Since I am staying in Matang, I had two types of coverage, namely the ‘bacic speed’ coverage, and the ‘excellent coverage’, hence allowing me to try the best of both worlds.

Basic speed coverage means I would only be able to get 3G speed at best, while ‘excellent coverage’ was with 4G speed.

As you can see below, places with excellent coverage by TMgo scored a consistent 23-30Mbps connection, which I think is by far the fastest internet speed I’ve had in Kuching to date.

20-33 Mbps with TMgo at excellent coverage areas.
20-33 Mbps with TMgo at excellent coverage areas.

At the ‘basic coverage’ area, speeds dropped, but it was still looking good at 10Mbps. This to me is great because the 10Mbps is also pretty bad ass for me to do work.

Basic coverage area speed test results when using TMgo
Basic coverage area speed test results when using TMgo

When it comes to reloads and pricing, TM wins over all telcos despite their good coverage. For a good 7 days, you can get 1GB of data, which is pretty damn good! You also get to have 6GB of data for just RM50! Quite a steal if you ask me.

Reload price for TMgo
Reload price for TMgo

On top of that, the re-seller told me that this data, would be carried forward to your next reload shall it not be finished! How awesome is that?

Reloading your TMgo is also quite easy because most e-pay and TM Point outlets, as well as TM re-sellers, have the reload coupons. Unfortunately, these outlets are also not many if compared to your typical reload coupon shop, hence making it a little bit difficult for you to reload your TMgo account shall they be closed.

Thankfully however, e-pay is also available online.

Well, keeping technicalities out, there is not much more to say about TMgo’s internet coverage but I’m glad to TMgo does not suck.

That said, I hope that TMgo does expand it service coverage to places where cable theft is rampant, and also increases it’s ‘excellent coverage’ areas.  Aside from that, the whole TMgo package is definitely a steal, despite the issues with the different MiFi and it would be definitely good if TM could come up with a package for Streamyx users whom also use TMgo, like, em, me!


      • As a person who knows a thing or two about technology, you should probably mention that TMgo uses the Band 5 (in other words, 850MHz) LTE frequency. If your phone / device doesn’t support this specific frequency then you will not be able to connect at all.

        For example, the Asus Zenfone 2 international model supports LTE band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 & 20. That means, it can support LTE on Maxis and Celcom (band 3 & 7) and also TMgo (band 5). Simple eh?

  1. How long does it take to get the bonus data after we have reloaded? Thx
    ( i am currently using tmgo but after i reloaded, i didnt get the bonus data right away)

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