TM’s intention to become a full fledged telecommunication company (telco), instead of just an Internet Service Provider (ISP) is looking good with the former inking a deal with Celcom recently.

The deal which will complement TM’s ownership of P1, would see TM, via it’s mobile arm P1, use Celcom’s wide coverage to provide roaming service in the country.

This means that TM (via P1) would be able to use Celcom’s mobile coverage, prompting us to believe that TM will soon launch their very own mobile service which will compete with existing telcos such as Digi, Maxis and Celcom itself.

Details on P1’s mobile service are yet to be revealed, but TM is expected to launch their new mobile service mid-2016.

Knowing that TM is financially stable and can undercut the competition in terms of rates, we are expecting a a war of price to emerge once P1 makes their entry in the mobile line official.



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