Word on the street is that telecommunication giant, Telekom Malaysia (TM) is preparing to roll out 100Mbps to their UNIFI consumers.

According to tech sources, TM has however been tight lipped about such roll out, but industry sources are keen to note that TM will be eager to take on Maxis which has just recently launched latest internet offering known as the MaxisONE Home with speeds up to 100mbps.

It is highly said that TM would be introducing the new UNIFI plan this 1st April, with prices expected to match or equal what Maxis is offering.

For the record, TM’s rival, TIME dotCom (TIME) is also offering 100mbps worth of speed at RM149/month, but given the fact that TIME has very limited coverage, it is unlikely that TM is much bothered.

Nonetheless, with internet speeds going in tandem with the prices it is offered, would you consider upgrading to the 100Mbps package if you are already on UNIFI? or would you just wait until prices drop down a little?


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