Looks like TM is really pushing their broadband sales as the 2014 year comes to an end. This time around, they are offering a free tablet, said to be the highly wanted ‘Microsoft Surface’ for those who sign up for their Streamyx packages.

On top of that, the Streamyx packages prices would be much lower than the market price with the 4MB package going at RM88/month.

The deal is however limited to several locations as you can see below, with those earning a gross income of RM5,000 being the only one eligible.

List of locations with Streamyx with free tablet
List of locations with Streamyx with free tablet

Aside from that, ones address would need to be free from any Streamyx or UNIFI packages with TM’s said to be only able to offer the free tablet package to addresses which are not bearing any of their services.  We double checked with a re-seller in Kuchingto find out if one house could sign up for two Streamyx lines with the one  being signed under this package .  Nonetheless, it seems an address which already has a Streamyx account is automatically ineligible, regardless if its rented by non-related occupants.

The package is indeed very tempting, but with such strict regulations, and limited places, it may be a huge deterrent for sign-ups.

For more information, you will need to contact your nearest TM re-seller.


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