It is no surprise to many that TM will be exploring the wireless front with their acquisition of Packet One (P1) recently.

Yesterday, Amanz revealed that TM would soon launch their LTE Wireless services, known as the TMgo.

According to site, TMgo has already been introduced in several places in Kedah and Melaka with no official announcements made by the telco just yet, although TM was detected by Amanz to have already put up an ‘In progress’ website.

TMgo as we understand would be riding on LTE coverage made available by P1, and would be more affordable than numerous other telcos already offering LTE in the market. The maximum speed offered is 20MBps when the connection is on LTE.

Unconfimed bundle packages under TMgo
Unconfimed bundle packages under TMgo

The whole idea of TMgo would be to enable users to surf the internet on the go, breaking TM’s traditional business ventures which rely heavily on cable networking.

Below are the unconfirmed prices offered under the project, with more details yet to be released on the website.

Unconfirmed data packages under TMgo
Unconfirmed data packages under TMgo

Regardless, the presence of TM in the wireless broadband service would definitely have an impact towards other telcos earnings as we believe that customers will be attracted to TM’s ability to provide massive coverage in a short span of time, despite coming into the wireless (LTE) services later than the rest.

We also foresee that TM would eventually introduce voice and SMS services together with TMgo, hence putting pressure on other telcos in terms of pricing and network coverage.

For now, you can check the site of TMgo here.

[Update on 8:43AM,  7.3.2014] – TM has blocked access to the site


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