Telecommunication company, TM, has made a commitment to become the main collaborater  for HashtagLive Kuching (#LiveKCH), an event planned to happen this coming 12 September.

According to the information we obtained, the telco will also come in as the official telco of the event and will be actively participating in the events held during the event.

The sum of sponsorship has yet to be announced by both the organizer and TM, but if the main sponsorship details seen on were to be a reference, it should be equal or more than RM40,000.

Despite the sponsorship, the event would still need to get more pledges in order to hit the RM80,000 target. Those intending to pledge can choose from a wide range of pledge options with those pledging above RM60 gifted an exclusive #LiveKCH cotton tshirt as seen below.
official hashtaglive tshirt
#LiveKCH is a social media event organized by Sarawak Bloggers Society and it is the first ever crowd funding initiative in East Malaysia. The event intends to highlight social media talents, and is slated to be the biggest social media event in Borneo.

For more details on the event, visit or Those intending to pledge can do so at here.