Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) has issued a statement that it has upgraded its Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure for their broadband services.

According to TM, the upgrade was applied automatically and does not require any configuration on their customer’s side.

According to TM, customers using modified DNS setting of their modem, Residential Gateway (RG) or any other related device, will however need to “auto-assign” their services to enable them to enjoy the upgraded DNS.

Following the exercise, TM will decommission its previous DNS with IP address in stages starting from September 2015 until November 2015 in which customers who have manually set their DNS to this DNS may face difficulty in accessing the Internet. These customers are therefore highly adviced to “auto-assign” their DNS services to avoid any interuption.

For further enquiries or assistance, please get in touch with TM via e-mail to or tweet TM at @TMConnects.