A group of Umno protestors gathered outside Masjid Jamek Kampung Baru after Friday prayers, holding banners and placards protesting an anti-Islam video and a satirical cartoon of Prophet Muhammad in a French magazine that has inflamed Muslims worldwide.

Speakers, such as Perkasa leader Datuk Ibrahim Ali, made speeches denouncing the video and the US. This protest is led by Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin who urged the crowd to remain calm.

Khairy demanded that the the US and French governments take action against the filmmaker and the cartoonist.

The crowd dispersed peacefully at about 2.30pm.

Meanwhile, another crowd, mostly PAS Youth, protested ouside the US Embassy for the same reason. Some protestors also burned the flags of the US and Israel.

Led by PAS Youth chief Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi, the group shouted anti-American slogans and chants like “Allahuakbar” under the watchful eyes of the police.

A few representatives were allowed to enter the embassy to hand over a memorandum.

The crowd started disbursing at about 3.30pm and traffic along Jalan Tun Razak, blocked for a couple of hours, began flowing again.

Cheras Police Chief Mohan Singh expressed satisfaction that the protest was peaceful

The two groups were protesting the film “Innocence of Muslims” that has angered Muslims worldwide. A 14-minute video clip, said to be a trailer, has been on Youtube since July.