The party was on last night at the Kuching Integrated Recretional Centre (KIRC) when the likes of Ready Steady Go, One Buck Short, B for Telsa, Keren Eva Yap and many more took center stage to entertain close to 7,000 attending the Hitz Kuching Birthday Invasion Party (#hitzKCHinvasion) beginning from 4PM.

The shouts grew even louder when popular morning crew JJ and Ean from Hitz came on stage to showcase witty jokes which got the crowd very upbeat during the whole event which was also co-hosted by local Hitz announcers Natasha, Mmmeng and Kiyoshi.

At about 830PM, Pop Shuvit dazzled the crowd with three lively songs which kept the crowd jump in ecstasy before the most awaited artist of the night, Greyson Chance stole the show with his confident voice and performance.

The screams grew even louder when Greyson addressed the Kuching crowd right after his first song, and the crowd filled with young teenage girls went into a complete frenzy when the US heartthrob waved to his screaming fans.

Greyson certainly made his fans wait worthwhile as he played a few tunes from his latest album to his loving fans.

At about 10PM, Jakeman and Skeletor pumped up the crowd with waves of ‘tuned-up’ hits which saw the crowd jumping non-stop until midnight.

The whole Hitz family attending also took the opportunity to bring up some fans to the stage to dance alongside with them with KL based Natalie and Jinny pointing out individuals whom should join them on stage.

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Thank you to the Hitz Kuching crew for giving us media passes to this amazing event.