Kuching youths are in for a treat this weekend when Angkatan Zaman Mansang is set to organize the Kuching Youth Day Out at the Waterfront and Sarawak Tourism Complex.

The event will start at 8AM with events going on simultaneously at both venues.

At the Sarawak Tourism Complex, youths will be treated to a talk by famous motivational speaker Mohd Ariff, as he give’s the youths on his take of what ‘Love our city’ means. This is set to continue with ice breaking sessions, and also some interesting activities. The session at the Sarawak Tourism Complex will continue with a Forum on Youth and Innovation: Opportunities and Challenges, as youth’s are expected to be exposed to methods and ways to bring themselves up to greater heights.

At the Kuching Waterfront, a skateboard competition will be held, which is the first of such competition after years. The competition will start at 8AM with demonstrations from KL skaters being the main highlights.

A live busking session will also be held at 11AM at the Kuching Waterfront with talented local acts making their first major busking appearance in the city. The whole session is known as ‘Busking4Charity’ and it’s lead by Sonar Tribal, whom plays traditional music fused with modern instruments.

At night, the public will be entertained with a Candle Light Walk to mark the world wide Earth Hour, while performances including acoustic ones from the buskers are set to rock the Go Down Theater after that.

In a brief interview, coordinator of the event Mark Nyambang said that he hoped the Kuching Youth Day Out will cultivate youths to have a healthy lifestyle, while at the same time promote extreme sports such as skating in Kuching.

If you are doing nothing this weekend, why not drop by both venues to enjoy the event. The skateboard competition, the Busking4Charity and the Earth Hour events are something new to Kuching!

Photo credit to: skatemalaysia.com