Upcoming photography group The Collective has announced their latest project dubbed as Kch10. According to the leader of the Collective Fazli Taufek in his blog post, the project is a short documentary about 10 aspiring youths (16-35 years) from Kuching, in which it is hoped that they will inspire the younger generation to follow in their footsteps.

He further elaborated that the project is part of the bigger project by The Collective known as Kch100. For Kch10, The Collective has identified ten aspiring youths which come from numerous backgrounds and ethnic groups. The are listed below:

  • Tysha Tiar (Singer/musician)
  • Fahriee Izzad (Social media advocate)
  • Afick Wazai (Radio host/DJ)
  • Ashraf Hardy (Singer)
  • Cyril Dason (Blogger)
  • Natasha Juan (Radio host)
  • Abg Aziz Draup (Political figure)
  • Goldwyn Ngui (Lecturer/fashion enthusiast)
  • Hadzry Piccherita (photographer)
  • Rudi Ibrahim (DJ/Rollerblader)

It is our understanding that the project will be in full swing soon, and it is indeed exciting to see the final outcome.