Teacher arrested for alleged rape of student in boarding school


A student has lodged a police report against a teacher, whom she claimed had raped her.

The 16-year-old told Padawan police that around 8.15pm on Monday, she went to see the teacher with her classmates in his office to talk about family problems.

He allegedly told the others to return to their hostel as he wanted to have a private talk with the girl.

The complainant claimed that the teacher then gave her a glass of water and candy. After drinking it, she claimed to fall unconscious and when she woke up later, she found herself naked. She also felt pain on her private part.

The girl immediately got dressed, ran back to her hostel and related the incident to her classmates. She was then taken to another teacher, who then brought her to lodge a police report.

Padawan police chief Supt Pauzi Bujang said his men managed to locate and apprehend the 54-year-old teacher, who is currently under remand pending investigation.

-The Star // Image from BP


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