Taylor’s University Medical Society (TUMS) in collaboration with the School of Medicine, Taylor’s University recently carried out an initiative to raise funds to provide food aid packages to benefit the longhouse community of Bintulu, Sarawak, who were impacted during the pandemic.

The collaboration is part of various efforts by the School of Medicine which include other initiatives like health camps, health screenings, nutrition advice, motivational talks, and forums for the past three years.

A press release by the university stated that the student-led society achieved their target to collect RM5,000 with RM7,910 raised to benefit more than 150 longhouse families.

The raised sum was then handed over to Great Mind Bintulu, a non-governmental organisation in Sarawak.

Nicole Gan Wei Wei, Organising Chairperson and Taylor’s University Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) said three Sarawak longhouses pleaded for help as they were in dire need of food.

She siad they were Rumah Patrick Andin, Rumah Yus and Rumah Philip, which are longhouses located at Sebauh District, Bintulu in Sarawak.

The TUMS supplied food packages consisting of dry groceries such as Rice, Maggie, Cream Crackers, Coffee and Sugar.

Taylor’s University Medical Society in collaboration with the School of Medicine continues to look into the well-being of the community and to make a difference to improve healthcare delivery.

Other recent initiatives by the clinical students from the School of Medicine for the National Cancer Society Malaysia include raising funds of RM4,239 and volunteering over the weekends to provide Covid-19 vaccination to immobile cancer patients in rural areas through house-to-house services from August to October 2021, visiting up to 25 houses each day.


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