The Sarawak Bloggers made their presence felt in the re-launch of Switch biggest Borneo outlet today as two of their members walked away with prizes, one from the treasure hunt (Ari), and another from a quiz (Cyril).

Switch, known across Kuching for being one of the few Apple premium resellers has relocated their store to a more spacious location, just beside MPH Bookstore in the Springs Mall, Kuching.  The new store boast of more choices, a store room, and a training room.  Switch General Manager, Mr Winson said the bigger outlet would see more events and products making it’s way to Kuching, while citing that Kuching is an important market for Apple in general.

Several of our bloggers when met were clearly estatic with the new outlet, and some were glad that Switch decided to make the Kuching outlet even bigger, and more spacious than before.  Most also said that the bigger and more spacious outlet was awesome, putting Kuching on par with similar outlets in the peninsular.

With that said, the Sarawak Bloggers would love to congratulate Switch on their bigger outlet, and we thank Switch for having our bloggers at the event.  Bloggers attending today’s launch are:

If we missed you in the list above, let us know =)