Just when you thought you’ve fallen in love with Maxis’s new direction by offering more data at less price, they’ve┬ádecided to increase the prices for their data friendly SurfMore packages.

Previously, the SurfMore data packages offered 5GB for only RM75/month under the SurfMore75, with the SurfMore50 offering a minimal 2GB worth of data per month.

Unfortunately, Maxis has decided to axe the SurfMore75 package(retaining the SurfMore 50 plan for now), while at the same time increased the cost for additional data under the plan by more than 100 percent.

The new price for SurfMore quota upgrades will be adjusted to RM25 for 500MB & RM35 for 1GB in March statement & on wards, which is way above the RM10 for an additional 500MB. I won’t say more on the rest of the additions because it is expensive to have to pay RM35 for a mere 500MB. The new rates would apply on 29 January.

There’s more bad news, SurfMore 75 users would also not be allowed to subsribe to the voice add-ons after the 29th of January, hence will be charged at normal calling rates.

For those already with SurfMore75, you can still enjoy the 5GB data allocation but once you decide to upgrade, there’s no returning to the obsolete plan, so consider your change wisely.

It’s really unfortunate that Maxis is slowly turning into its expensive self because there was this one moment that I felt they were more value for money if compared to other telcos.