Surface Pro 3 coming to Malaysia in August


According to, Microsoft Malaysia has confirmed that the Surface Pro 3 is expected to arrive in Malaysia by end of August.

This means that those in Kuching can expect to get it by early September, if everything goes right.

The Surface Pro 3 will come with the brand new Windows 8.1, and prices are expected to be not far from what is offered in the US, with the cheapest going at USD799 (RM2572), and the most expensive sold at USD1949(RM2572).

Previously, we also did share the possible prices for numerous variants of the Surface Pro 3 here.

According to several sources online, the Surface Pro 3 is Microsoft’s answer towards the MacBook, and is slated to be the replacement for future laptops.

But coming at premium prices, we do expect people to think twice before eventually purchasing the Surface Pro 3.


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