So, you are a MaxisOne customer, paying RM128 per month, and you know you are entitled to FREE Spotify Premium, yet you can’t seem to get your ‘Premium account’.

Well, I’ve suffered similar problems, but after countless times, I’ve figured it out, so here I am sharing how you can get your ‘Spotify Premium’.

Before you go on trying these methods, please note that this method is correct at typing time, and it might differ after a while.  Also note that you will need to register for a FREE Spotify Account before you so called upgrade to the Spotify Premium offered by Maxis.

If you have understood that, here you go:

First, you must download Spotify from the App Store of the Google Play store. Though Maxis customer service might tell you to use your Maxis data to do so, it isn’t quite true. You can download it using your wifi connection, but (this is important) DO NOT LOG IN to your Spotify account.

Once the Spotify App has been downloaded, disable any other networks on your phone including your WiFi connection (if you are on WiFi). If you are on a dual-SIM phone, disable the non-MaxisOne SIM card completely.  You must make sure that your phone is now only on the Maxis network, preferably on a 3G and above connection.

Once you have done this, dial ‘*100*2*5#‘. Maxis customer service and their website will ask you to click the Spotify link on their Maxis App, but I found that method to be useless and annoying, not mentioning slow. Dialing the number I gave you above is faster. After you have dialed the digits, an SMS will be sent to you looking like below.
Spotify Premium 3

Remember, you must be still on the MaxisOne network/data and all other networks must be disabled before you continue. Once you have received the SMS, click on the link provided and it will ask you to open a browser as you can see below.
Spotify Premium 2
Choose your browser, and you will be brought to a page which asked if you want to activate Spotify Premium. Once you have agreed, it will prompt you to ‘AUTHORIZE’. Simply agree for both.

Once you have done this, log on to your Spotify using Facebook and your account should be ‘Spotify Premium’ like mine. For formalities, you will receive an SMS from Maxis informing you that you are now subscribed to Spotify Premium.

Hope that works. Do follow me on Spotify!



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