I’ve always had a thing for fragrances and the brand Hugo Boss is right up there when it comes to scent.

While there can be many reasons for this ‘thing’ I have when it comes to fragrances, Hugo Boss not only catches my attention with its impressive and masculine scent, but also its very interesting adverts such as the one you see below. Check it out!

The advert you just saw features Theo James, the lead actor in the movie Divergent, and I must say, I never thought he would look so classy and full of character especially when noting how he looks in the movie itself.

To me, this what a typical Hugo Boss advert does to a character, in which they not only show you a transformed person, but give you a direct idea that says ‘This is the fragrance any man needs to feel confident and sexy’.
Theo James Hugo Boss
Well, of course it does help to note that Theo does have the looks, but then again, it does take more than looks to show you are in control of the situation, and that was just what Theo showed in this advert.

Nice one indeed Hugo Boss!

This post has been sponsored by Hugo Boss, but thought are my own.


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