Recently, Ambi Pur, a renowned brand for car fragrances (and also office/home fragrances) decided to prank someone by showcasing the power of their car fragrance.

The person, known as Nadhir, was asked to drive someone whom is said to have just arrived from London in which Nadhir had to endure some of the worst smells one could smell in life.  This includes the famous-stinky sambal petai, smelly armpits, and of course the one smell everyone hates most; smelly feet!

To make it even more interesting, the person bringing all these smells to the car would be a well disguised Harith Iskandar, whom is also a well-known local stand-up comedian.

The whole journey could be told to you here, but for maximum entertainment, why not check it out yourself at the video below:

This post is sponsored by Ambi Pur, but all thought are our own.