Sponsored Post/Video: The Irresistible Boss scent


Christmas is around the corner and thinking of a gift that would show you are intimate is not only difficult to find, but also quite impossible if you’ve given your partner almost everything you could think off, from smartphones, to gold, to lingerie, and fragrances. It’s so difficult that everything you’ve thought off would either feel ‘ordinary’ or less intimate.

Thankfully there’s HUGO BOSS, and they have just released a fragrance that just shouts out ‘intimate’, while at the same time being sensual, and it is called BOSS THE SCENT.


BOSS THE SCENT is no ordinary fragrance, not only because it is by BOSS, but also because it encourages intimacy and discovery for those able to smell the scent.

The secret of this exciting trait is the fact that BOSS THE SCENT highlights six recommended pulse points on the body which are capable of enhancing the power of a fragrance. These six points, used correctly, creates an unmatched smell to those close by.

For the common man, the word ‘nice’ would be used to describe BOSS THE SCENT, but experts would realize that the fragrance radiates exclusive and unique Mandinka fruit scent, which is combined with lavender and burnished leather, to produce a powerful sensual scents that’s so unique, it’s so desirable and sensual.


For the ladies, there’s BOSS THE SCENT for her. This lovely yet enticing roast cocoa scent is hard to ignore once worn because it has an alluring and seductive smell which could make anyone have the urge to get closer, to discover more, something like the video below.

Both fragrances are amazing to smell, but since the sense of sensuality is not something common in fragrances, BOSS THE SCENT is a perfect gift for Christmas.


This post has been presented by Hugo Boss but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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