If you are tired of vampires being linked with romance (like I am), then perhaps you should consider catching the action packed ‘Dracula Untold’ at your local cinemas.
dracula untold hires
As the title suggest, Dracula Untold reveals mystifying secrets to the alluring immortals which we have heard about for many centuries, with pulse-pounding scenes more than guaranteed during the whole movie.

It is really hard not to reveal spoilers to an awesome movie, but if you do need one, check out the movie trailer below which shows the likes of Luke Evans, Dominic Cooper, Sarah Gadon and Charles Dance outperform any other ‘blood sucking’ movie you’ve seen to date.

The movie which was just released in Malaysia yesterday has already got a 7/10 favourable rating from popular movie review site IMDB although one can only judge a movie truly by seeing it themselves.

Regardless of the ratings, Dracula Untold is indeed a fresh new dimension for the ancient legend himself which will definitely create new legendary tales for years to come.

For more details, kindly visit the official site.

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